This is an independent RP and Ask blog for the Helmaroc King from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. OC and Multi-fandom friendly. Don't be afraid to talk- show some respect, and Helm will usually respect you right back. Usually. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current M!A: Helm was blinded in a recent fight
Forsaken King
“Helm rarely visited towns. His large size made traversing them rather parlous. But perched atop a roof, he'd heard crying- only to look down into an alleyway and see Charlotte, bruised and crying, with a figure standing over her. Judging from the looks of her assailant, they were getting ready to hit her. The bird didn't waste a moment- he dove down into the alley and lands on top of the attacker. What he did next was truly brutal. When he finally looked up at Charlotte, blood covered his beak.”




Tears streamed from her eyes as Charlotte attempted to hide her face from her assailant. She had no idea what this person could’ve wanted, or why they’d attack her like this. She had nothing to offer, and hadn’t even been in this town before tonight. 

When the blow she was expecting never came, she slowly uncovered her face. Upon looking up, her eyes widened at the sight of the giant bird figure in the dark. A wave of relief, and slight tension, respectively, ran through her as she realized it was Helm. In this light, it was hard to see, but she still managed to spot the blood on his beak. 

"H-H-Helm… Thank you…" She whimpered quietly. 

Helm wasn’t sure how far he should fly. At night, the familiar landmarks he knew so well all disappeared into the pitch black night. And since his vision was much worse than most other creatures vision at night, that just made things even harder.

Finally, Helm decides to land after deciding he’d flown far enough away from the town. His landing was clumsier than usual, since he had a harder time seeing the ground. But he manages to land safely. Lowering his head so Charlotte could step down, he looks back at her. “…How are you feeling?”

"I…." she bit her lip. Truly, she wasn’t in as much pain as before. Faeries had a fast healing process. She wasn’t without pain, oh no. Not even close. However, she didn’t want to make Helm think she needed any severe medical attention. "I’ll be fine." she said quietly. 

The massive bird holds still, still not entirely convinced she was all right. He wished it wasn’t so dark out- he could have made sure Charlotte was dropped off somewhere with a medic. But for now, he had to make do with what he had.

"Are you sure?" Helm’s voice was full of concern. "If you’d like, I can stay with you the rest of the night. I can keep away predators or robbers, and then take you somewhere safe in the morning."



Helm wasn’t too sure he should be letting Keisa push herself too far. He didn’t want her to tire herself out. However, he reminds himself that Keisa had managed to fly all the way to the Forsaken Fortress the other night. That was an impressive feat. If she could handle that, then she could probably handle visiting a few more islands.

"The Great Sea is vast, Keisa. We won’t be able to see the whole thing in a day. Maybe a week or two, but not a single day." Helm looks down at the light, tilting his head. "I’m not sure what makes it brighter… but there must be something different about the way it’s constructed. This light was meant  to be a beacon for lost sailors, and bring them home. While the lights at the Fortress were put there to help keep an eye out for intruders, and keep people away."

"How do you make them…?” Keisa asked as she tapped at the glass a little bit harder with her tail. It seemed very sturdy and strong. But the reasoning behind the brightness seems to make sense. She left the light alone and fluttered away from it.

"Can we see more~?" the Wind Bat asked with a big smile. “I want to see everything that I can before nightfall~!” That was going to be an amazing feat since there is so much to be seen and so much to learn about. “This is going to be lots of fun~!” Though Keisa was weary, this didn’t kill her desire to learn about new things or to see new things.

Although Helm was still concerned about Keisa’s condition, she seemed ready to see more islands on the Great Sea. And he knew just where to take her next.

"Of course we can see more. To the East, there’s a small set of islands- they look like a paw print when you look down on it from the air. It’s home to many chuchus, jelly monsters. But just past that island is a towering mountain- Dragon Roos Island. Atop its peak is a dragon named Valoo. The island can be dangerous, as there are exploding fruits and many monsters call it home. But it is also home to a peaceful race of flying creatures called the Rito. What do you say? Would you like to visit?"

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“A snuffling sound was all that preceded the little blue dog. She was excited-there was a great scent nearby!!! The scent of animals!!! She hoped it was one that would play with her. On and on the puppy marched, hunting the scent of this new playmate.”




The Helmaroc King was resting on the ground, doing his best to regain his strength after his last battle. The fight hadn’t gone as he’d planned- but thankfully, he hadn’t died. So now, he was resting, trying to heal from that last bloody skirmish.

So when a small puppy comes trotting towards him, the bird doesn’t take off or immediately react. No, he tilts his head at the puppy. It had an awfully strange fur color… 

After Helm lowers his head to get a better look at the pup and make sure she hadn’t hurt herself, he tilts his head at the wiggly ball of fur. The puppy didn’t seem to care that her chosen playmate was a massive predator who could easily crush her. For just a brief moment, the Helmaroc King contemplates taking advantage of Navi’s trusting state and ridding himself of the fairy.

Before he leans closer to the puppy and nudges her with his beak, rolling her over onto her side. The Helmaroc King wasn’t used to playing with smaller creatures- come to think of it, he hardly played around with anything. But even though his body still stung from his latest fight, he ignored that for now to have a momentary reprieve with the pup.

The puppy lets out a delighted yip as she rolls over onto her side, then onto her belly. She wriggles back and forth happily, panting, and then flips back onto her feet. Yes! He was going to play with her!

Delight on her face, the blue dog assumes the play position once more, then dashes back and forth as if attempting to confuse the large avian. She does this several times before launching herself at his beak, a playful growl ever-present. 

Helm was unused to the concept of ‘play’. As a chick, he’d never had any playmates. And now that he was an adult, he’d outgrown that stage of his life. 

But now? He couldn’t resist lowering his head and raising his tail feathers, mimicking the little dog’s play position. His head moves back and forth, tracking the little dog’s movements. Once she launches herself at his beak, the bird jerks his head just in time to avoid the pup- only to lightly grab her in his beak by the scruff of her neck, holding her up proudly.





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My Precious (Unassociated with Gollum or any other ring bearer)

About two years ago, in the land of our dreams,

Two monsters in a forest did meet,

But no one could tell at that moment in time,

It would spawn a friendship so sweet.


Most would think i’m speaking of the two,

The beasts I mentioned before,

But this poem wasn’t written for them, oh no,

Nor any other being of lore.


You see,  


Behind the two muses were their two muns,

One I, and of course, also you.

I know i’ll remember to the end of my days,

Our skype chats, our tumblrs, Helm too.


You’re my best friend, my partner in angst,

There’s no better person I could seek.

Precious you are and precious you’ll be,

Valuable, glittering, unique.


I could go years explaining the ways

That you’ve helped me back onto my feet.

Stopped me from doing things I might have regret,

Made me feel whole and complete.


Together we’ve laughed, together we’ve cried

Just like any two friends would,

I can’t imagine these years spent without you,

And I know I’ve been changed for good.


I’ll remember when Helm and Twila first met,

and the day they’ll eventually be wed,

All the shenanigans with Navi and Jora,

The time they made sure ‘Master’ was dead.


But most of all I’ll remember you,

All the fun together we’ve had

The way you stayed by me through it all

The good, the weird, and the bad.

This is a little elaborate to get to the point,

But I really don’t have much to say,

Other than that i’m glad you’re my friend,

I love you so much,

In the strongest, most platonic of ways.


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