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Lair of the King


Goshawk testing its flying capabilities. It is shown flying through a circular opening, horizontal opening, vertical opening and a tunnel. [video]

“It took Navi longer than usual to find Helm, in part because she was forced to walk everywhere. When she does, however, she's unable to keep a look of amused amazement off of her face. ", too?! And I thought I had it bad..."”




Helm couldn’t believe he was stuck like this. Instead of his normal, beautiful wings, he was stuck with a pair of fairy wings. He thought it couldn’t get any worse- until Navi showed up. One look at her, And Helm was nearly stunned into shock. Not only were her wings gone- but they’d been replaced by a pair that looked almost identical to his own.

A low growl settles into his throat. “Don’t tell me you came here to gloat about how lucky you are to have my wings.”

Helm wouldn’t let himself show it, but he was glad Navi had accepted his deal. If he was going to be stuck with these wings for a few days, then he might as well learn how to use them properly. And if it meant teaching Navi a few lessons on how to use her own wings, then it was worth it.

The bird ignores Navi when she asks if he can pick up the bottle on his own. Being around creatures much smaller than himself, he’d learned a few tricks when it came to trying to eat or drink their foods. Helm leans his head down and grabs the bottle gingerly in his beak, being careful not to break it. In one fluid movement, he tilts his head back, letting the contents of the bottle spill into his beak. Once the bottle was empty, Helm sets it back down on the ground in front of Navi.

"So, that potion will help keep these wings from being so sensitive? Good." Helm raises his head, standing tall and looking down at the fairy. "Now, tell me how to actually use these things." While Navi might have been more willing to try and get along, Helm wasn’t quite as forthcoming. Even if they had to get along, that didn’t mean he had to be polite about it.

Watching Helm drink from the bottle was impressive, Navi had to admit. She hadn’t realized Helm could treat things so delicately. As soon as he finishes, though, she scoffs and rolls her eyes. “You’re welcome. Yes, it’ll take effect in say, half an hour, or so. But it should help.

"Flying with fairy wings isn’t as hard as you’re making it out to be. It’s just… different, from the way I’ve seen you fly. You have to move a lot faster- shorter strokes, more frequent beats- think, like, a bee, or a dragonfly. No, I’m going to regret that comparison- a hummingbird. Have you seen those?" As Navi explains she begins pacing back and forth, rubbing her temples as she thinks. She’d never had to explain flight to anyone before. 

"Also, can you use magic, like, at all? That would help a lot.” Actually, it was near critical to successful flight- anything effortless, anyways. He’d be exhausted if he didn’t rely on magic at all. 

Helm glances back at his new wings. He’d seen hummingbirds before- but even with his excellent eyesight, it was always difficult to watch their wings, as they always beat them so quickly. But then again, that’s what Navi had been trying to get at. His wings were now light, and took much more force to keep them aloft. Helm tests his wings with a few quick flaps. He could feel the force they generated- but it was far less than he was used to.

Turning back to Navi, he nods his head. “Yes, I know some magic. But only a little. The most I’ve ever been able to do is summon Kargarocks. And I don’t think that sort of trick would work in this situation.”

((Second Ending))

((Second Ending))

((Ending One To Whatever Story Those Pictures Told))

((Ending One To Whatever Story Those Pictures Told))

“A small, golden cat makes her way to the Helmaroc. Letting out a pitiful mew she sits down next to him.”





Helm looks down at the small feline and tilts his head. It was odd for animals to approach him- perhaps this wasn’t an animal, but someone he knew?

"…Do I know you?"

She nods. 'That is easily understood. I like to watch storms in my normal form, but with the heightened senses I have in this form storms hurt my ears, rather a lot.”

Helm tilts his head at the golden cat. “The storms don’t hurt your ears in your normal form? Even though you still have cat ears?”

My current form is much more sensitive then even my normal one. Don’t get me wrong, in my normal form really heavy storms will hurt, but not as much and only the heaviest.” 

Helm nods upon hearing this. Since the little cat was still on his head, he takes care to not move around so much that it would knock her off. “I suppose I can understand that. After all, in your usual form, you’re still part human. You still have some human senses, even if they may be heightened by your feline characteristics.”

“A large black dragon crash lands right next to Helms home. She sits up and shakes leaves off her head, then looks at where she landed. She decides to explore, but she hadn't even gone a mile before she ran into a human (Literally). 'Sorry!' She stared at him. (Hi~)”




Needless to say, the man was startled to have- quite literally- run into a large black dragon. The force of the dragon running into him was enough to knock him over. Helm looks up at his sudden assailant- only to have a cold chill run down his spine. A dragon. He hated dragons. As a Helmaroc, he’d had more than one bad experience with the scaly beasts.

But as a human, he had very little chance of defending himself against a dragon, should one decide to attack.

Helm stands up slowly, keeping his eyes on the black dragon. “It’s all right.” His words were slow and calculated. He didn’t want to unintentionally upset this strange beast.

With a alight shrug, the man glances away. “You certainly have a novel approach when it comes to dealing with humans who may want to kill you. If I were you, I’d just kill them on the spot.”

Blaze sits up and growls darkly; ‘I tried once. In a kingdom far to the east a whole village attempted to attack me and I burnt it to the ground. Their king sent a whole army to kill me. It was more effort then it was worth.’

Helm nods, understanding. “I see. So since you destroyed a whole village and had an army come after you, you don’t like killing people, lest something like that were to happen again. I suppose I can understand that.”

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With every word, every casual insult and accusation, a growl rumbles up from deep within the Helmaroc, only growing louder as the boy continued to speak. There was only so much mocking the bird could handle. And with the winged boy swinging back and forth on the branch, coupled with the question to his authority as a King, Helm knew he’d just about reached the limit of his patience.

When the bird speaks, his voice was little more than a growl. “You would do well to watch what you say, boy. After all, it would be all too easy to rip that arm off your body, should you continue to poke fun at me or my Master.”

Rekker could feel it. It was pushing the bird closer and closer to his limits of irritation. The angel felt a sick twist of satisfaction at his work. The glee was only heightened at Helm’s growls. He felt laughter bubble up in his chest again, but he kept it down for now.

He did pull his arm back and held both close to his chest for safety, though. He did in fact like his arms, and much would like to keep them. “Alright, alright. Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle,” he chuckled. He waved his hand slightly. “For the record, I didn’t poke any fun at your ‘master’. I was poking fun at you~”.


"An equally dangerous venture, to poke fun at a massive predator capable of tearing you limb from limb." The growl in the Helmaroc King’s throat did not lower in volume. If anything, it seemed to grow slightly louder. This boy certainly did enjoy pressing his luck, didn’t he? And against a master predator, at that.

"You know, for an angel, you really have terrible judgement. I would have thought a being as ‘good’ and ‘pure’ as an agent of the Gods would have more sense than to try and anger me. But I seen now that the helpers of the Gods are just as idiotic as the Gods themselves."

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“... She was lost, beyond lost. That much was obvious. Her map didn't match her surroundings, she didn't detect anyone nearby, this was just a mess of a venture. In fact, she was so absorbed in thought that Aronn didn't even notice the massive avian until she accidentally trod on his tail feathers.”




The Helmaroc King had chosen to rest in this area specifically for one reason: because it was secluded. He’d been flying for a long while, and had decided to rest his aching wings. And this area, with its distance from any habitation, was a good spot to do so. He wouldn’t be interrupted here- or, at least, that’s what he told himself.

As he feels footsteps falling on his tail feathers, the massive masked avian whirls around with a loud hiss, turning to face the strange creature that had so rudely dared to trample on his beautiful feathers.

As soon as the last word had left his beak, the bird had been anticipating this creature to move. He’d been born with the instincts of a master predator. And over the years, those instincts had been honed to near-perfection. So now, the predator was in hunting mode. 

Whether the encounter had been an accident or not, the bird did not tolerate those who would dare to defile his feathers- especially his tail feathers. The strands of gold and green feathers were his most beautiful, and he took great pride in them.

So now, as the creature dashes, the Helmaroc King did not hesitate to lunge at her with his beak open, intent on biting down and trapping her within his cavernous maw.

The only thing getting into Helm’s maw right now was a basketball-sized sphere of Aura energy, tossed by his opponent on the run. And she was still moving- she didn’t dare stop; not if he was that quick for something of his size. 

And her brain was still working away. She couldn’t aim for the wings, the talons. She had to aim for his head and body. Enough battles against flying Pokémon had taught her this the hard way that it was time to put that knowledge into practice against the Helmaroc King. Just like any battle ever, she could not afford to lose.

Instead of having his beak snap down on the body of the doglike creature, the avian found his beak to be full of something else- something rather painful. It burned the inside of his beak, and with a hiss, the bird halts his chase and tosses whatever it was out of his beak.  But his eyes immediately locked onto the creature once more- seemed like he’d have to change strategies if he wanted to catch her.

His hesitation meant the other creature was now further ahead of him. Spreading his wings, the bird takes off, staying low to the ground and keeping his eyes on his prey. Closing the distance between them, the Helmaroc King makes sure to keep his beak closed as he advances. Closing in on her, the massive bird extends his claws- in a single, swift movement, his claws had wrapped around his prey.






“A bit hesitantly, there was a knock on the door. Helm stood before the door, waiting. He runs a hand through his hair, wondering if Jade was even home. The Anon had turned him human for a reason- and, strangely enough, he didn't mind. They turned him human for one reason: so he could hold baby Kai. And of all the things he could do as a human, this was the first thing he wanted to do.”




((this gonna be at Jade’s house yo))

Jade was trying to get the baby to settle down when she all of a sudden heard a knock at the door. Who could that be? She wondered. She bounced Kai in her arms walking to the front door and opened it. A smile lit up her face when she saw Helm standing there. “Helm!” She said excitedly. The baby still continued to fuss in her arms even with Helm being there.

Smiling, Helm says, “I’m glad you’re feeling better. You definitely look less tired than before.” At the mention of Kai, Helm shakes his head a bit. Even knowing where she was, he didn’t seem all that concerned. Maybe it was because he thought she wouldn’t go under again? “No, she’s not taking a nap. She’s in the bathtub. I was giving her a bath when you called me in here.”

Jade’s happy expression quickly turned into a horrified one. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. She struggles to through the blankets off of herself and stumbles out of bed, nearly hitting the wall as she tried to run before getting a good footing. She didn’t really care, she rushed into the bathroom and saw Kai floating on her belly in the water. Tears erupted immediately. She  fell to her knees next to the bathtub, reaching in and grabbing Kai. Water splashed as Jade put her baby on her lap.

Kai’s eyes were closed. “Kai, baby no…” She gently shook her child. “Kai wake up!” She shouted, shaking Kai a bit harder. Kai’s eyes opened and saw her mother very shakily as her whole world was shaking. Jade was in a fall sob that she could hardly see but she saw Kai’s eyes open. She hugged Kai, shaking and crying, Kai was very confused and was trying hard to hang on to her lunch.

At first, Helm didn’t understand why Jade seemed so distraught at the idea of Kai being in the bathtub. He’d told the child not to go under again. Did the baby not know to listen to him? But as he follows Jade into the bathroom, he could feel his heart stop. Everything around him froze in one awful moment. Jade, on her knees and reaching for her baby. Kai, in the bathtub, floating facedown in the water. In that moment, when everything had frozen, Helm knew one thing: he’d failed.

He’d tried to be Kai’s adopted father. And he’d killed her. Like an idiot, he’d left the child alone. And in a bathtub, no less. Helm slumps against the wall as the realization of what he’d done washes over him: He’d killed Kai.

When Jade starts to lightly shake her baby and shout for Kai to wake up, Helm brings his hands up to his face, covering his eyes. He didn’t want to see Kai’s tiny, dead body. But although he couldn’t see them, he could still hear Jade crying. And it was his fault. He’d killed Kai. He wasn’t fit to try and take care of babies- even if it was unintentional, he still managed to kill them.